Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Off to Trieste tomorrow for the apparently huge machine expo. I'll be working on the Espresso Warehouse Stand which I think is sharing with Elektra and Mahlkoning. I'm really looking forward to it for a number of reasons.

  1. I get to play on an Elektra which I've never done before
  2. I get to meet another hundred coffee people who I'm sure will all be lovely.
  3. I get to meet up with old friends.
  4. I get to go to Trieste and hopefully visit the Illy Concept bar.
  5. Hoping to taste some really frsh Illy.
  6. I'll hopefully get to fool around with the latest goodies Espresso Warehouse are offering.
  7. I get to eat these, which are really very good.
As always I'll probably fail to supply any good posts but I do feel I normally come through on the picture end of thing. Keep your eyes on my flickr. Other quick news:
  • Still not decided on whether I like aeropress
  • I feel standards are higher than ever in the cafe at the moment, however we can always get better. Trying to get grinder cleaning a bit more of a routine. It was always just Deaton and I who did it but I've been trying recently to expose all the baristas to more than just bar skills. I feel a broader coffee knowledge can only help create better pride in their work.
  • Bought a new Mac book, and have been importing all of my Vancouver photos. Miss that stupid city. The mac book is simply wonderful. Its black too, which makes me better than you.
Been thinking too about the perfect bar design recently, and if I've ever seen it. I keep seeming to think up or see new things that just make so much sense and aren't currently being employed. As is the case with many cafe's, people often get it 80% right. Its normally the coffee that screws it up, but even in quality focused bars, I always seem to find a few issues that really bug me. I'm terrified that when the day finally comes that I open my own bar (10 years away), that there'll be some external factor that I have no control over that will ultimately effect my flow, or bar layout, or something. Is it ever possible to get everything perfect in the planning stage or will you inevitably run into knots at some point?


At 11/03/2006 09:22:00 p.m., Blogger blanco said...

yeah, i think you hit it: probably nobody gets everything exactly right because probably nobody gets 100% of what they want out of their layout, design, contractors, employees, coffee, etc.

i get bugged too by all those little things. but hey, a critic is one who knows the way but won't drive the car, so i try to make sure i keep my criticisms between myself and my wife.


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