Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ha ha ha

(I just got a phone call saying the apartment isn't available anymore. A kick in the face is ever there was.) Just a quick post, I found out today that I definitely passed all my exams, and then... a few hours later, I found a fully furnished apartment. Its close to work, has free internet,a dvd player, a bbq, a playstation, an x box, a guitar and a piano!! A ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'm delighted! To top it all off, the clouds have pissed off, and the sun is shining in BC. Whats next? Yes I'll take that free GS3.


At 6/21/2006 07:13:00 a.m., Blogger CoffeeGeek Bloggin' said...

Bummer on the apartmet, dude. If you want unfurnished, I may have a lead for u...


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