Monday, May 15, 2006

Some of you can't even spell digree.

Well you can all stop holding your beadth, my three hour style and interpretation exam went ok. But seriously, I just want to say a quick word to all those participating in Bern this week. Best of luck to the lot of you, and I just want to re iterate our previous conversations when I say please don't waste time in the middle of your competition performance wondering how my 19th century Composition exam went, or whether I'm lonely back in Dublin,. no, you just focus on the task at hand, bring me back as many goodies from Bern or face me holding you in low regard (see pic)oh, and do yourself justice. Meanwhile I'll continue with my college education. So Best of luck to everyone, but especially to Karl Purdy of Ireland, Arthur Wynne of Ireland (,...and Australia , oh and the Philippines, )and to Jim Hoffman of Macadonia.



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