Friday, March 31, 2006

More at ease already

Had a good day today. Met up with my friend Brian, a chef, for some lunch and a few drinks. Through congested sniffles, I mentioned how I was frustrated with myself as I was suddenly having trouble in identifying flavour profiles and technical defects in the cup!! Brian , the chef friend, immediately pointed out how being as congested as I disgustingly was, would easily have affected my palette. I realized then that I'd been a bit blocked up for the past week. No wonder I wasn't tasting well the other day! I suddenly felt so relieved as I emptied my bottle of Krombacher. I'm now feeling a lot clearer in the head you'll be glad to hear. Roasting and cupping all day tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting my skills back on track. We're working on a new espresso blend which is never easy so I'm sure I'll be kept busy. I wanna do some checks on the roburs in the building too as although they're still too new to be blunt the machines are getting a little too hot for my liking. I've always thought the lower rpm prevented this but hat said we do have a low ceiling over the bar so maybe its the temperature in the room. Will do some tests tomorrow.


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